Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Publication Date so close for...

TWO WOLVES PRESS IS THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THE UPCOMING PUBLICATION OF ACCLAIMED POET CATHERINE GRAHAM’S DEBUT NOVEL QUARRY “We all carry a quarry within us,” says Graham, “this subterranean place, as we make our way through the present.” Quarry is a book written out of necessity, which fuels this heart-felt novel with life. Graham’s prose and the story behind the story are equally compelling, and what Two Wolves is all about – the novel and the person behind it all. Set in southern Ontario during the 1980’s, Quarry is layered like the open-pit mine for which it is named. Caitlin Maharg, an only child, lives in a house by a water-filled limestone quarry whose gothic presence is elemental to the story. Lyrically charged, jewelled with images and at times darkly comic, Graham’s prose weaves a mysterious and hypnotic tale of loss, secrets, family shame and the courage to swim the depths of life alone. Catherine Graham is the author of five acclaimed poetry collections, including Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects, a finalist for the Raymond Souster Poetry Award. She was the winner of the IFOA’s Poetry NOW. While living in Northern Ireland, Graham completed an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. Quarry is her first novel. Watch for the launch date and for the reveal of Two Wolves Press official website! SIncerely, Alexandra

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